Just call me Speedy Gonzales!

So this morning we decided to double up my pain meds before I tried to do the marathon to the bathroom (ten feet, maybe fifteen feet away).

As I said yesterday, it took me more than half an hour to do the round trip then.  I wanted to improve that to less than 15 minutes.

Today I decided that I would go the whole distance on crutches, if at all possible.  Heh heh heh.  I blew that half hour time to smithereens!

Once I found a comfortable angle to dangle the bum leg, I was greased lightning!  YEE HAW!  I bet it wasn’t more than two minutes each direction for a grand total of four minutes!

And now they’ve got me sitting up in a real chair (though not the fancy one that is apparently like a sophisticated La-Z-Boy).  I can see out my window from a different angle now and I can see a whole bunch of PINK flowers in the flower box. 

It’s a good day.


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