Getting better every day!

Day one and two:  never left the bed and could not move the broken leg even one millimeter without excrutiating pain.

Day three:  managed to hop (very little) and drag my sorry carcass to the bathroom, but it took more than half an hour to make the round trip.  The pain level was high, but not so bad as days one and two so I was optimistic.

Day four:  made it to the bathroom in less than two minutes!  Same thing for the return trip.  Still a lot of pain though and couldnn’t put any weight on that leg.

Day five:  that’s today.  made it to the bathroom in less than ONE minute.  Same for the return trip.  I can stand and put significant weight on the broken leg (with permission)!  Theres still a lot of sharp pain, but oddly, it’s not in the bone.  It’s in the muscles, tendons and other soft tissues that live in there.  Odd, that, but when I talked it over with my nurse, she said she’d go get some printed sheets of exercises I can do to get rid of that.  Yay!

At this rate, I expect to be out of here on Thursday.  Friday tops … which is long enough, but then, not so bad, all things considered.

I have to tell you that if you have to be in the hospital, Elk Point is a fine hospital to be in.  My doc (Dr Ramful) is quiet, but efficient and friendly.  He comes in promptly every morning for a visit.  The nursing staff is there when you need ’em, and not in your face when you don’t.  They’re always helpful.  (I could not do their job.  I’d kill the bitchers and tell the whiners to “Buck up”.  I expect I’d get fired in the first 24 hours!  *grin*)  The cooking staff are the best.  They humour me with my Atkins diet … and, in fact, I’ll likely leave here at a better weight than when I arrived … and it’s been painless.  Why can’t I get organized to eat like this at home? 

When I get out, you’ll recognize me because I’ll be the one with the spiffy crutches.  Voila!  (Too bad I “blinged” them BEFORE I had breast cancer.  Otherwise they’d be 15 shades of PINK!)



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