Dateline: August 19 – Glendon to Mallaig

The riders tell me that this ride was heavenly.  The temperature was perfect, there was a slight breeze to keep bugs away and the scenery was lovely — waving fields of grain changing to that golden tone that indicates it’s time to bring in the combines.  They said there were fields as far as the eye can see.

This was the first day that Carly was to drive my Boyos by herself.  I have the utmost confidence in Carly’s horsemanship and her empathy for The Boyos.  I am not worried (other than how Bror will fare being as he has arthritis in his hocks).  At the end of the day I learned that, with the help of a little bute, Bror did just fine.

Shortly after they left Glendon, a horse popped out of the bush!  No rider.  No bridle or halter.  No nothing — just a horse — so they stopped.  Everybody looked at the horse and the horse looked back.  Hmmmm, what to do?  A few minutes later, out came a woman who was trying to catch the horse.  She wasn’t having a lot of success, but our very considerate riders stayed put until she managed to get it back into a field with her other horses.  And away we went.

The footing along this section of the Iron Horse Trail varies.  In places it’s nice and sandy.  In other places it’s quite rocky, but there are grassy shoulders one can use, and the Iron Horse Trail folks take obvious pride in this gem of a trail.  The grass is beautifully manicured so a horse can see where it’s putting its feet.

It wound up being a nice 3-hour ride to Mallaig, and then, much to the group’s surprise, the good folks of Mallaig decided to make them a FABULOUS lunch — lasagna and Caesar salad!  (Wish I’d been there.  My lunch was decidedly less appealing!)

The riders spend a leisurely afternoon and evening in camp, enjoying a well-deserved rest.

Check out the cute little building at this stop!  Inside it has old pictures in barn board frames, picnic tables and a wood cook stove.  I guess if it were raining one could camp in there!

All in all, a happy and successful day on The Pink Trail.

image image



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