Dateline: August 24 – Bellis to Smoky Lake

According to our Social Butterfly (aka Angela Fischer), the trail between Bellis and Smoky Lake is gorgeous — the best they’ve travelled yet.  She speaks of rolling hills and trees (a lot of them being spruce), and from hill tops she says you can see for miles.  The footing for the horses is sand.  She figures this would be a great place to camp.  (And, in fact, thinks that once my leg heals, she and I ought to return and make that run. *grin*)

The day started a little chilly, but as it wore on, it got warmer and warmer and the riders were shedding layers as they went.  By afternoon, it was a nice, warm sunny Alberta August day.

And then they hit Smoky Lake!  Wow!  This little town was obviously playing its cards close to its chest.  I had NO idea that it would be this marvellous!  (In fact, I’d already made my guess as to who would win Pinkest Little Town, and it wasn’t Smoky Lake — but now, well, we’ve got us a horse race, folks!)

There are points to be had for creativity in this Pinkest Little Town contest.  Can you honestly think of ANYTHING more creative than a bagpiper in a PINK kilt playing PINK bagpipes?  Me either!



*grin*  (The next morning he piped the riders into their pancake breakfast with the locals.  My mind is boggled.)

The whole town got involved in going pink, I think.  There were pink houses and fabulous pink decorations everywhere.  A woman named Eva had her daughter take her high school graduation dress over to her.  She took it apart and made a dress for a scarecrow woman.  Then she made a pink hat and pink shoes for the straw mannequin and had her holding a sign saying “Hope” in one hand and pink bras in the other.  Eva’s daughter is contemplating a double mastectomy as I write this.

The town had pink games going on all afternoon in the curling rink.  It went from 2:00 ’til 5:00.  I know from listening to folks talk that it was VERY pink.  Unfortunately, it took longer than I anticipated to get “sprung” from the hospital in Elk Point and longer to drive over than I anticipated too, so I missed the shenanigans.

But I didn’t miss supper!   Delicious!  Lasagna and Greek salad.  Yum!  And then we went back to camp, ostensibly to have a fire, but most everyone wound up in my motorhome because it was cold out there (got to be a tight squeeze for a while!) … and they wanted to welcome me back to camp.  I’m sure feeling the love!  (Next post will be about my “welcome home prezzie”.

And now … I don’t know WHICH town is going to win this contest!  I really don’t!



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