Feeling the love … as ridiculous as it is! *grin*

Have I told you much about this year’s Cookie?  Her name is Carole DeSchover, and she’s a riot.  We only met her at the start of this year’s tour, but we absolutely love this woman.  She’s a great cook, has boundless energy, sells like crazy from Pinky’s Dry Goods Store (and gets antsy if the store isn’t available from time to time when people are around who she could sell to).  And she wears crazy clothes.

Yesterday she was in a pink hoodie that had bunny ears on the hood.  Of COURSE she kept the hood on her head throughout the entire day.  (No, it wasn’t cold … but the ears were fantastic, and we sure couldn’t lose her with them on!)

So here’s the funny story:  the day I fell off my horse, Carole came to see me in the hospital.  She was wearing a T-shirt she had found some time ago.  It showed a gingerbread man with his leg broken off.  Beside him it said, “Oh snap!”  I hadn’t noticed her shirt and we were visiting.  Suddenly she looked down, covered her chest and said, “Oh, no!  Oh, I am SO sorry!”  And she turned bright red.  

“What?” said I.  “Uncover your front, lady.”  And then I noticed the gingerbread man.  And laughed, and laughed and laughed (which hurt the leg) and then laughed some more.  She figures she jinxed me.  *grin*

So I arrived back at camp after ten days in the hospital.  I can’t get around very well, so I spent the first evening inside my motorhome.  In troops Carole with Angela (our Social Butterfly) and Stacy (a Longrider).  And this is what they presented to me as a “Welcome home” gift.


I don’t think you can read it very well … but it is Carole’s T-shirt.  Below it they wrote “August 15, 2014 Heinsburg AB”, then they got a frame from a second hand store, painted it pink and stretched the T-shirt smooth.  It was a brilliant collaboration.

I will cherish this “picture” — for life.


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