Dateline: August 25 – Smoky Lake to Warspite

It was a nice, easy 12 km jaunt between Smoky Lake and Warspite.  After our fab breakfast (with the pink bagpiper and all), the riders appreciated the shorter ride today … and the.horses appreciated the cooler weather. I haven’t much to tell you about the trail.  No one said anything about it other than the footing wasn’t as nice as it had been the day before.  (Wasn’t that exciting?  *grin*)

But I can tell you about Warspite.  Holy moly!  Can those folks cook!  But before we get to that, Warspite is a cute little town (emphasis on the “little” — I don’t think it even gets “hamlet” designation) named after a Canadian battleship that served in both world wars.  They have a dandy little community hall there, and that’s where everything happens in Warspite.

We arrived and the Grad Class of 2015 led our riders on a parade through town first.  Then we got settled on a lovely grassy area directly across from the hall.

Dinner was amazing!  It was done by the Grad Class of 2015.  What great kids!  They cooked, they served, they cleaned, they smiled, they laughed and they kidded around with each other.  You have to admire a graduating class that gets started fundraising the summer before their graduating year!  Our excellent steak dinner was a fundraiser for them and a free meal for our group.  A dollar from each plate sold to the public was donated to Wild Pink Yonder.  We were presented with $100 dollars at the end of the evening.  We were more than a little impressed.

Breakfast the next morning was a humdinger too.  It was a “closing ceremony” for our group as were were leaving Smoky Lake County, and the county staff did it up right.  (You’ve seen my other posting with the pictures, right?)

I never thought such a small community could make such a big impression.  Thank you, Warspite.  You will be fondly remembered.


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