Dateline: August 31st – WELCA’s Last Day

We had a beautiful day!  Warm.  Sunny.  Just enough breeze to keep it cool.  On this day, we were pulled from the day’s entertainment, which was just fine with us. (*evil little grin* I think we did too good a job of promoting ourselves the day before.)

We had a leisurely breakfast and went to watch the RCMP Musical Ride performance.  After that, back at camp, everybody got saddled (and pinked) up for our “horse games” in the sand warm-up ring.

What a hoot we had!  Honestly, it was priceless.  Let me set it up for you.  Everybody had to have a partner for these games. Because we had an uneven number of riders, we added Trevor Somerville (on foot) as a partner for Theresa Burke, who was driving a cart.  Early in the games, Joan was setting a record clip on the barrels when she came off her horse.  (She said the worst thing hurt was her pride. At this writing, I’ve not heard back from her, but we are fairly sure she’s okay since she walked off the field by herself.)

So there we were with another rider without a partner.  The only reasonable thing was to give Hughie a new partner, so we gave him Trevor’s son, Brice.  To which I piped up and said, “Not fair!  Hughie gets a Thoroughbred and Theresa’s stuck with a plow horse!”  (You can see where this is going now, right? *grin*)

The games included barrel racing (okay, barrel sauntering), cooler bending (because we didn’t have any poles), a sack race, water race and keyhole race.  

Barrel racing went fairly well, all things considered, though a number of us thought someone ought to take a whip to that lazy plow horse!  

The cooler bending went smoothly too … until it was Trevor’s turn.  He had to slow down enough to check each cooler for beer!  (Wasn’t any.)  

The sack race was hysterical when Carly and Maddy went.  (Sack race:  each rider holds one end of the sack and they have to race down the field, around the barrel and back again.)  Maddy’s horse would go, but Carly was on Buck (the occasionally-ornery Fjordhorse — and this was an ornery day *grin*), so Maddy started off holding her end of the sack and Buck just stood there.  Maddy was stretched backwards over her horse’s rump … and then Buck backed up!  When Theresa and her very fast harness horse lined up (with Trevor on the other end of the sack), you just knew it was going to go sideways!  Theresa’s mare is fast.  Trevor is not.  Need I say more?  Hughie’s big Tennessee Walker is fast, but it got spooked by the idea of someone running so close beside it so they had to slow to a walk.  The rest of them did okay.

Next up:  the water race.  The idea is to fill your cup from the barrel at the far end of the field and bring it back and put it in the mojita jug.  First team to get the mojito jug filled to the line wins.  Carly and Maddy had method to their madness.  If Buck wouldn’t run, then they’d station him at the mojito end and Maddy would run back and forth with the cups of water.  That worked well … until Buck decided he needed a drink!  

Keyhole:  was the keyhole race uneventful?  I think it was.

But all in all, we laughed until we couldn’t stand it anymore.  Raelene would stand there and “coach” Trevor, to get him to “Focus, Trevor.  Focus!” “You can do this, Trev.”

I think every rider (with the exception of Joan) left laughing.  And Peavey Mart supplied prizes for everyone … including wool socks for Trevor so he could get his feet warmed up for next time … and a pink hammer for Hughie, who swore he’d never have anything pink (well, except for the skookum pink Peavey Mart/Weaver Leather saddle pad he won earlier in the ride).

It was a great way to end the tour.  We’ll do it again next year, riders.  Count on it!



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