It’s the end of the trail for Rusty.

Some of you know this already.  For those who do not, I am sad to say that it’s the end of the Pink Trail for Rusty.  He will be leaving Wild Pink Yonder effective September 15th.  I am happy to report that he has been poached by one of our sponsors — Integra Technologies.

You see, the thing is, Rusty and Rae know that one day they’re going to want a baby — but to do that, they need a nest egg — and, well, Wild Pink Yonder doesn’t pay all that well.  In the past, that wasn’t important to Rusty.  More than anything, he wanted to honour his fallen sister, and the pain his mother endured, with breast cancer. That was his motivation to come work with me here at Wild Pink Yonder.

Do I want him to go?  Of course not.  It breaks my heart.  On the other hand, do I want him to have a nest egg so that I can have a grandchild one day?  Ha ha ha!  Need you even ask?  *happy dance*

So this is it — Rusty’s last week as Sheriff of Wild Pink Yonder.  I hope you’ll join me in wishing him happy trails as he heads off to become (amongst other things) a “leak-free critical path expert” at a company that “machines the world’s critical joints”.  (Yeah … I don’t know either!)

PS … I’ll need all the cheering up I can get, so once this leg has healed, let’s ride!



8 thoughts on “It’s the end of the trail for Rusty.

  1. I also want to wish Rusty all the best in his future. It was a pleasure to volunteer under his direction. One thing few people know, is his tirelss efforts in keeping the toilets clean in the utility trailer and emptying the sewage tank – a yucchy job. A big thank you Rusty!


  2. Best of luck in ALL you future endeavors Rusty 😉 Hoping everything goes well in the new job and that Jane can be a Grandma soon, of course then you’ll never get the grin off her face!!


  3. Rusty has done a great job with Wild Pink Yonder. I remember fondly the first ride where if anything could go wrong, it did, and Rusty wasn’t fazed on bit. Good luck with your new job. Say Hi! to Rae.
    John & Susan


  4. Our first year. I remember it well (if not fondly *grin*). You’re right, John. If anything could go wrong, it did. That was the year everybody thought we’d not go ahead because I had a driving accident and wound up in the hospital for 3.5 months — 5 broken bones in my spine, 3 breaks in my right hip and a broken left femur. Rusty and Rae ran the ride and I quarter backed it from my hospital bed. That was the year that EVERYBODY thought we would fail. That was the year of the near miss with a tornado. That was the year that, on day one, our man “riding point” (a gentlemen tasked with driving a tractor pulling the wagon for the entire ride) kept taking the wrong turns, which meant our riders put on a lot of extra miles we’d not planned on — and one of the women in the town we were heading into got very angry and snarky, saying we knew nothing about horses (*eyes rolling*) and would kill a horse before we were done (*double eyes rolling*).

    Those are the “low lights” that I remember vividly. There were others. Poor Rusty and Rae!

    But there were highlights too. That was the year that we met Carly Carrier. She was twelve. Now she’s seventeen and she’s been with us every single year. I laugh now that Carly has three mothers: her natural born mother (Karen), me … and Rusty. *grin* Rusty hates it that “our little girl” is growing up … and he clucks like an old hen over the boys in her life. That year Rimbey brought me to tears with the effort they gave to Pinkest Little Town in the West. I hope they’ll want to play again this year!

    For the most part, it’s been gratifying, this long and dusty trail with my son. Now I just have to figure out how to replace him on the trail. (In an effort to make our cheque to Alberta Cancer Foundation bigger, I’m not going to replace Rusty throughout the year. Hopefully we’ve got the organizing part down to enough of a science that I can cover off his responsibilities along with my own … without losing my mind.)


  5. Best of Luck, Rusty and Rae!
    Wild Pink Yonder has come many miles, smiles and tears from that first year.
    Jane, There is no replacement for Rusty, you know that! Just a successor who has big shoes to fill.
    Hope you are feeling better and heal quickly.



  6. Rusty it was great meeting you on the ride, and I’ve just got to say how seamlessly you took over when you had to slide in to the role of doer-of-all things-that-she would-have-done-had-she -been-here, after Rosie altered your Mom’s plans!! You never let on that your stress level must have elevated significantly, and you were just as pleasant and helpful as all get-out!! Good luck with your new venture! Jane I real am sorry that we only got to see you one evening, but I sure am looking forward to more rides with you. I can’t wait for a good dose of your character!! Loved the little bit of WPY trail that we did get to ride and am looking forward to next year already!!! Take care, heal well and Happy Trails!! Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2014 18:08:04 +0000 To:


    • Yep, I have a pretty awesome son, don’t I? I am VERY proud of him. (Mind you, this wasn’t the first time he had to take over because I got broken! Last time it was WAY worse! and lasted WAY longer!)

      But I look forward to riding with you, Sherry. Onward and upward!


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