What is life without a challenge?

I got a phone call from a woman named Lorelei the other day.  Lorelei is 58 years old, rode from the age of 6 to the age of 48, and then had an accident whilst riding.  The upshot was a brain injury that, though it did put her in a coma for a while, doesn’t seem to have affected her ability to think or speak, but apparently has affected her sight.  She is legally blind.  Not that she is completely in the dark.  She sees shapes and most colours.

So why did Lorelei phone me?  It seems she’d like to ride with us in the summer of 2015.  (Remember a couple of summers ago when we had our first legally blind rider — a Longrider?  She was amazing — and all but completely self-sufficient.)  Anyway … Lorelei would like to ride with us, and yes, she wants to Longride … but she’s not ridden in ten years and doesn’t have her own horse anymore.  She figures she’d need to borrow or rent someone’s nice, calm, gentle horse and get to know it ahead of time.  She also figures she’ll need to find a riding buddy from her area so she and the rented/borrowed horse can trailer with the friend and friend’s horse while on The Pink Trail.

Lorelei is up for the challenge, so my question to you, Pink Family, is this:  anybody got a nice, calm, gentle horse they’d consider lending or renting to Lorelei next summer?


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