Pinkest Little Town in the West 2014

Holy moly, was it a close race!  Vilna had the highest amount of money raised per capita.  Smoky Lake had the highest number for pinkification.  Gibbons had the largest donation overall.  It’s a very good thing that I have an extremely clever stepson who worked out a formula so that I can crunch those numbers with some kind of authority!

50% Pinkification …. 30% highest per capita amount raised … 20% overall amount raised no matter how many people in town.  Those were the parameters.  The contest was sooooooooo close, but in the end it was Gibbons by a slim (very slim) pink margin.

The numbers crunched out this way:  Gibbons 0.891.  Vilna 0.856.  Smoky Lake 0.853.

Gibbons.  They started raising money early in the game (that seems to be crucial to winning).  They found unique, fun ways to raise money.  They pinked that town, let me tell you.  It was really neat to see the folks from the Seniors’ Centre holding up cards that spelled out W-I-L-D   P-I-N-K   Y-O-N-D-E-R when the parade wended its way through town.

Once again, it’s been fun seeing all the wild and crazy things that towns did in the pinkification department.

Every year I feel badly that we can only have one winner … but really, we all win when everybody pitches in.  Just recently there was a big breakthrough in breast cancer treatment at the U of A.  It was accomplished by a researcher there who is likely funded, in part, by us.  That’s you, me, every other rider and every pink town we’ve ever visited in the entire Province of Alberta, baby!

“Small towns can make a big difference”.  We’ve proved it again this year!  Thank you, Gibbons, Vilna, Smoky Lake and all the other towns we visited on our 2014 tour.




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