No doubt about it: Earl Grey is a good tea … but OUR Earl Grey is better!

In the Wild Pink World, Earl Grey is not a tea. He’s a man from Red Deer County, and we love him to bits. Earl came into our lives when he won 2 days of free riding from a draw we made some time before the 2014 tour.

Earl was quite excited about this … but even so, he couldn’t bring himself to come on a fundraiser without raising some funds. (Now don’t misunderstand: we often get winners who decide to go out and raise funds. After all, this is about money to conquer breast cancer … and many of our winners get that. But Earl outdid them all!) Never before have we had a winner contribute so much!  Earl raised $1,885!

Not only was he a stellar fundraiser, but Earl was also invaluable on the trail. He never failed to help a rider with a problem … a rider in distress … a horse in distress … anything. Earl was there and helping. And come evening around the campfire, he was pretty entertaining too! It seems Earl is never at a loss for words.  *sly little grin*

Dsc_5313sYes, Earl Grey tea might be nice from time to time, but Earl Grey, our guy, is better!

I hear Earl’s been out riding the Ya Ha Tinda with some of our other Pinksters this fall.  I hope that means he’s planning to join us again next year!


2 thoughts on “No doubt about it: Earl Grey is a good tea … but OUR Earl Grey is better!

    • It is always the last three weeks of August, ending on the Labour Day Long Weekend, so in 2015 we will Fandango on Friday, August 7th, and start riding on Saturday, August 8th. We end (in Edmonton) on August 30th.


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