Would You Like to be on a Wild Pink Yonder Volunteer Committee?

At my last meeting with Alberta Cancer Foundation they indicated that in their opinion Wild Pink Yonder would do better (financially) if it had a volunteer committee that works on finding corporate sponsorship. They (as I) think that it would be awesome if all our costs were covered corporately so that 100% of the money raised in towns can go directly to ACF — as does your rider money now.

If we do this, this committee would not be one that gets together for coffee. It would be a committee that meets on the phone from time to time, or through “Messages” … or some other convenient way of getting together without traveling. The rest of the time, the individual members would be reaching out to those corporate contacts they have in their areas, or literally beating the bush looking for corporate sponsorship for the ride.

And then, I thought, gee, wouldn’t it be great if we had someone who’s a whizz at finding grants?  We could sure use a replacement for the grant we used to get and which no longer exists!

These are all things that Rusty and I have done between us in the past.  We haven’t done a bad job of it … but there are just so many things that need doing throughout the fall, winter and spring that we haven’t hit as many as we’d like.  So now that Rusty has gone off to make his fortune at Integra, all of this falls solely on my shoulders.

At this time I am working on two potential sponsors that could be huge … but who knows if they will land? And the ACF points out to me that many fundraisers get along well with (many) smaller sponsors … ones who donate $500 or $1,000, rather than the whoppers that I go after.  (I justify going after the big ones because I only have so much time for going after any, so I might as well make it the biggies. *grin*)

As I think back over time, I remember when we needed a small trailer to use as “Pinky’s Dry Goods Store”.  Where on earth could we find one at a cost we could afford?  (Basically, free.)  I didn’t think it could happen … and then along came Cheryl Peressini.  She found a dealer in her neighbourhood who donated a brand spanking new trailer — free!  And then another rider, Sandra Coombe, found a company that donated painting the trailer and putting our logo on both sides!  Amazing!

It’s that kind of can-do attitude we need.  People who either know people, or have the creativity to get companies on-side. Only this time, it’s for money — money that will hopefully cover all the expenses I told you about in a previous blog.  (Okay, fine.  If a company wants to donate a couple of one-ton dually trucks for the month of August, we’d take that too — in a heartbeat! *grin*)

If we’re going to do this, we need members in all quadrants of the province.  If you’re interested, of if you want to discuss it with me further, or you want to make another suggestion, please send me an email at Jane@WildPinkYonder.com.  (Don’t phone me.  I’m in the USA right now and it’ll cost me a fortune.)  Thanks.


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