Here’s Longrider Number Three for the 2015 Tour!

Her name is Molly and she’s from Cranbrook, BC.

I’ve spoken at length on the phone with Molly. You’re going to love her. She’s optimistic, gregarious and fun. Molly is a serious rider. She’s in the saddle anywhere from three to seven hours every single day and participates in all kinds of horsemanship challenges! When I said that we wouldn’t be much of a challenge for her, she wasn’t the least phased. She said she could hardly wait to come and ride with other breast cancer survivors. When I told her people don’t have to be survivors to ride with us, she said, “That’s okay. I’ll be riding with you, and you are.”  See what I mean?  Optimistic all the way.

Molly had a double mastectomy about a year ago.  When they let her out of the hospital, three days later she was out brushing her beloved horse … and riding again shortly thereafter.  She says that riding has saved her sanity.  (Her kids say that she treats her horse better than she ever treated them … to which Molly quips, “That’s because my horse never gives me lip”. *grin*)

Apparently some of Molly’s friends will be joining her from time to time on the ride.  If they’re anything like Molly, we may not let them go home.


This is Molly and the horse that was born on her place, and will die there … but not for a long, long time.


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