Pink at the Rink was a Great Success!

Pink at the Rink raised $45,000 that was shared amongst three breast cancer foundations — Compassion House, the Prairies/NWT chapter of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation and the Alberta Cancer Foundation.  How’s that for cool?  (And how do I get Wild Pink Yonder in on that next year?)

I was hoping to put in a bid on Ben Carroll’s #22 pink jersey.  (He was fighting for Wild Pink Yonder.  And besides, the Oil King pink jerseys are spectacular.  Very, very cool jerseys!)  After I literally fought my way to the front where the bid sheets were, his jersey was already at $800 … and going higher!  Geesh!  So, I left disappointed in that.  I thought it would be cool to be able to show up on The Pink Trail in that shirt, riding tights and my tall riding boots!  It is not to be (which might be just as well, all things considered *grin*).

I sure wasn’t disappointed in the game though.  It was a humdinger.  In the first period the Oil Kings stomped all over the Tigers.  Shots on goal were 12 for Oil Kings and 5 for Tigers.  In the second period the Tigers woke up, but the scoreboard didn’t change much.  In the third period, it was 5-0 for the Oil Kings and shots on net were about equal.  With less than 2 minutes on the clock, I jinxed them.  I turned to Hubby and said, “Looks like they’ve got a shut ou …. shit!”  When will I learn? You never, ever, ever say the words “shut out” when your team is about to get one!  So with about a minute on the clock, the Medicine Hat Tigers got their one and only goal compliments of my big mouth.

Any time the Oil Kings get 5 or more points in a game, Royal Pizza gives every person in the rink a coupon for $5 off a Royal Pizza!  So we have two of them … though I’m not sure I deserve mine!  *grin*


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