Fabulous Pink Lady #3

I think it was 2010 when she rode with us last.  Then in 2011 she organized “Ladies Night Out” in Rocky Mountain House as a fundraiser for us.  The most recent thing you’ve seen about her is a post on our Facebook page about her having made her 25th donation to the blood bank.

Donna Rodtka

Her name is Donna Rodtka.  She’s an all around wonderful person — and one of our Fabulous Pink Ladies!

Amongst all her other great attributes, Donna is a creative whiz. I went for the mail yesterday and found a letter from Donna. In it there was a picture of one of her creations — a Christmas centrepiece — along with some cheques made out to Wild Pink Yonder!  It seems each December the church she attends puts on a free Christmas banquet for the community and she does the decorating. This last Christmas she borrowed an idea from Pinterest and made these tin can top hats for the tables.


At the end of the banquet, Donna’s centrepieces were sold and she has most generously donated the proceeds to Wild Pink Yonder to help us defray costs!  Her total?  $438.00!  And she says she’s not done yet.  She has some extra parts and pieces she used to make the top hats, so she plans to advertise before next Christmas to see if anyone is interested in more of them!

Thank you, Donna.  We’re proud to have you as a Fabulous Pink Lady — and we hope to see you on The Pink Trail this summer!


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