The Dust has Settled and the Numbers have been Crunched!

At the long awaited end of the 2014 financials, I am proud to announce that Wild Pink Yonder has done it again.  This year we raised  $93,900.  In the six years that we’ve been “on the trail to a cure”, our riders, sponsors and towns have raised a grand total of $726,900 for breast cancer research!  That’s within spittin’ distance of three quarters of a million bucks!

There are a lot of people involved with Wild Pink Yonder and every one of you has been integral to this success.

Thank you, riders.  Every year your dedication to the cause and determination to raise money is impressive.

Thank you, sponsors.  Without you, we could not exist.  Peavey Mart, CFCW, West Wind Veterinary Hospital, the Co-operators, Integra Technologies and Main Street Hardware.

And thank you, towns.  You make our journey fun: your fundraising ideas and antics are always entertaining and your hospitality is always top drawer.

I wonder how long it will be before we break a million? *grin*


3 thoughts on “The Dust has Settled and the Numbers have been Crunched!

  1. That’s fantastic Jane!!!!!!!! Every Pinkster should be extremely proud of this accomplishment – and that million? It’s there – like a deer in the headlights 🙂


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