The Mane Event — Part II

Well, I don’t know what happened there!  I wrote “Part II” on Saturday night and it would not publish!  I tried to save it as a draft, but the draft disappeared!  Pfft! In it I mentioned all the Pinksters who came by to say hello.  Now I can’t remember them all.  I do remember Jessica and Kelli showing up.  Jess is turning into an extraordinary young woman and I get the distinct impression that Kelli’s new life suits her well.  I know there were a bunch more, but the weekend was a blur and now I forget. I also met some followers who are not Pinksters yet, but who will be after the 2015 Tour.  That was fun.

The place was a zoo on Saturday.  It always is, but it seemed even busier this year.  The average attendance for The Mane Event in Red Deer is around the 44,000 mark.  I’ll bet this year’s numbers are way up!  Everybody was raving about the clinicians.  I don’t think anybody went home disappointed.  Hats off to The Mane Event organizers.

As usual, Sunday was quieter, but not as quiet as it was last year!  We did a steady trade throughout the day.

At this point, I want to thank the Pinksters who came and worked the booth with me.  Without them, I’d have lost my mind. Both Friday and Saturday are 11 hour days!  On Saturday it was Theresa Burke and Fern Kornelson.  They are great ambassadors for The Pink Family, and gave me a chance to go home for lunch and a break from the action.  On Sunday it was Fern again (bless her!) and Brigitte (with little Leanne) Renaud.  I still smile when I think of Brigitte and Leanne on the trail in 2013 (Peace Country).  Leanne was three! Brigitte took a child’s belted booster seat and hooked it onto the bench seat of her driving cart.  She had her own riding helmet plus a tiny little one for Leanne … and off they’d go, driving down the road.  About an hour or so later, you’d see this little head sagging over to rest on Mom as Leanne took a nap (once in the morning and usually again in the afternoon).  It was cuter than cute.

Leanne is four now (and holds up the fingers to confirm it).  She has an angel’s face and she’s quietly outgoing.  Brigitte has done an exceptional job with her.  Anyway, I told Leanne that her job was to use one of our popguns to shoot every little boy she saw. She had a ball, and we sold a lot more guns because of it! *grin*  She and her mom stayed for most of the afternoon.

The show ended at 5:00 on Sunday.  Fern Bless-Her Kornelson stayed and helped me take the booth apart, pack it all up and haul it out to Pinky’s Dry Goods Store (our small cargo trailer).  We were done in record time, whereas, if I had had to do it myself, I think I’d have wound up spending the night there again, which I didn’t want to do.  Fern is the dynamo who will be hosting us at our James River Bridge stop.  You’ll not want to miss that.  She did Christmas in August the last time we were there … complete with turkey dinner, a Christmas tree, prezzies and the works.

That’s it from The Mane Event 2015.


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