She’s Gonna Rock That Town!

Her name is Tanya Piercy and she lives in Hinton.  What a dynamo!  I spoke with her for the first time this morning and told her how disappointed I was in her town.  I said I couldn’t find anyone to get interested and involved with us.  Not anyone!  Well, Tanya was having none of that!  Chaaaarge!

Tanya is going to organize a 3-5 hour ride for our group along some great mountain trails.  She’s going to organize an evening gymkhana — with pink ribbons for the winners.  She’s considering a jackpot as well.  She’s going to round up some funding, and possibly some free groceries too.  On top of that she’s going to hunt down some men she knows who are pretty fine burger flippers and money takers so we can offer an evening of gymkhana and burgers at the Hinton Rodeo Grounds!

Yep, Tanya Piercy’s gonna rock that town.  Gawd, I love people with her “can do/will do” attitude!  Go, Tanya!  Go, Hinton!


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