We Need to Talk About the Naysayers …

The conspiracy theorists.  The non-believers.  They are out there and they believe.  They have nothing to believe in … but they believe anyway.  So you need some good arguments, and I want to share some of the best ones I’ve heard.  Many came from our old friend, Dr. John Mackey, at “The Cross”.  He’s not only a brilliant doctor, but he’s a pretty eloquent orator as well.

“The government is making so much money off of this that they’ll never let a cure be found.”  Really?  The money that is raised by charities is highly regulated.  Every penny must be accounted for.  If it is earmarked for research, then that is where it must go.

“There’s a cure already, but the pharmaceutical companies won’t allow it because it will cut into their profits.” The thing is, pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of finding cures! Their job is to make drugs that give you and me a better quality of life. Their medicines are meant to kill our pains, give us immunity to disease, make our parts work better and alleviate symptoms of debilitating diseases. Cures are the domain of university and medical researchers.

“They’ve already got a cure.”  So you’re telling me that all these highly intelligent researchers and doctors are going to work every day knowing that what they do is irrelevant?  You think they go to work, twiddle their thumbs and drink coffee all day?  Do you honestly believe that people who trained for years to be able to help other people are going to sit idly by while the cure for cancer is locked in a vault?  I mean, just saying it sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

“They’ve already got a cure.” (#2)  For the most part, these researchers are not motivated by money.  They are motivated by their jobs.  If one of them were to find “the cure” (as though all cancers could be cured by one thing!), do you think that person would allow the discovery to be buried?  First off, as Dr. Mackey said, “Do you think we’re all that evil?  Every single one of us … all around the world?  Don’t you think that at least one of us would speak up?”

“They’ve already got a cure.” (#3)  If one aspires to be at the top of one’s field, finding the cure for cancer would certainly get a person there! Do you think that person would allow their thunder to be stolen from them?

“Those fat cat doctors and researchers don’t want to find a cure!  It’d take away their gravy train!”  If someone finds the cure, that researcher will be the talk of the world —  able to write his or her own paycheque, and work at the research facility of his or her dreams … for life.  Who wouldn’t want that?

“With the billions that have been raised …”  I know.  The amount of money is staggering — but then, so is the price of the facilities and manpower needed for all this research.  You don’t do it in somebody’s backyard or their basement.  You need brick and mortar buildings — special buildings that are not cheap to throw together.  You need highly sophisticated diagnostic tools — machines that certainly don’t come cheaper by the dozen.  One piece of equipment can cost many millions … and many different kinds of machines are needed.  To make these discoveries, you also need the researchers themselves.  These are people who went to school for many years, if not decades, after high school.  They are among the most elite brains in our country.  Our world. They should not be expected to work for the same price as a hairdresser or a construction labourer.  And we need many of them.  And finally, do you have any idea how much it costs to run a double blind human drug or protocol trial?  Millions! Each one! And they don’t all work.

The thing is, you never know where the good idea is going to come from. A researcher tried giving a bacterium that is related to TB to bladder cancer victims. (Yes, TB, as in “Tuberculosis”!) Long story made short — it worked! Someone else started mucking around with dandelions, and now they have human clinical trials starting at the University of Windsor.  It seems dandelion root (in the correct concentration) is killing leukemia, pancreatic cancer and melanoma in rats. You and I know that these ideas did not come from them sitting around smoking funny cigarettes and daydreaming.  It came from research. Very sophisticated research.  And lots of it.

Now that researchers have unlocked the human genome, every researcher in the world is excited.  This is our time! Cancer — the scourge of mankind — will be vanquished within my lifetime.  They’re sure of it.  So am I.

So hang in there, dear friends.  Fight the good fight … and don’t lose your cool when the naysayers wade in (like I did recently on a friend’s Facebook page *Doh!*).


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