Let Me Tell You About the Klassens — Hedi and Bob

Hedi is a Pinkster.  Has been since Wild Pink Yonder first started back in 2009.  She’s also a member of “The Sisterhood” — someone who has had breast cancer.  She hadn’t had it when she first rode with us, but went through the ordeal a couple of years later.  Tough chick that she is, she even rode with us for a couple of days the summer after her ordeal was over. Hedi is an accomplished horsewoman and a fantastic photographer.

Bob is a horseman through and through. Raised on a horse ranch in Fruitvale, BC, his professional training career started in the mid sixties and continues today. Bob was an International Arabian Judge for many years and continues to judge various Equine Canada and open events.  He has shown hundreds of halter and performance horses over the years and has numerous wins in national and regional Halter, English, Western and Dressage disciplines.  Now his passion is coaching amateur riders.

Together, they are Bob and Hedi Klassen, owners and operators of the popular Courier Equine Park at Ardrossan, AB.

So why am I telling you all this?  So you’ll appreciate that Hedi has decided to ride with us again this summer (Yay!  Great company and … Double yay! … Great new photos!) … and Bob has signed on to teach our Trail’s End Clinic called “The Calmer, Smarter, Braver Trail Horse Obstacle Clinic” on August 29th and 30th.  I’m hoping the name of the clinic is self-explanatory, but a more detailed description will be forthcoming soon.

If you want to ride with Hedi, please contact her and bug her to make up her mind when she’s coming!  (*grin*)

If you want to take Bob’s clinic, choose either the Saturday or Sunday (or both).  It’s $100/day … camping is free … at St Albert’s Kinsmen Rainmaker Rodeo grounds, Aug 29 and 30. The registration form will be available on the WPY Facebook site soon.  Registration is limited, so don’t be a Last Minute Mary … or Larry!




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