Those Bragg Creekers! Wow!

I’ve told you that Bragg Creek was going to be one of our premier stops, right?  Well, it just keeps on getting better!  Yes, we’re staying at “The Dude Ranch”, one of the Heartland sets.  Yes, we’re going on a fabulous trail ride with a local cowboy and outfitter.  But wait!

I just got a call from master organizer, Angie Sanders, of Bragg Creek.  She says that Bragg Creek is officially challenging the Guinness Book of World Records!  The category?  The most number of heads of hair turned pink in one 8-hour period!  (The record stands now at 168.)  So if you’re coming that day, and if Bragg Creek runs out of heads, I hope you’ll offer yours.  I know I will!

And on that note, master organizer, Angie, had to go.  She’d just picked up her toilet and needed to get to a hardware store to find pink duct tape.  (She thought it would be so much tackier than pink paint. *grin*)  Once completely covered in pink duct tape, the toilet will be deposited (in the middle of the night) on people’s lawns … in front of their stores … and anywhere else Angie can think of from which people would pay good money to have it removed!

Go, Creekers!  We love you!


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