Sleepy little Nanton woke up!

In the beginning, it wasn’t looking like Nanton was going to be much of a stop.  WRONG-O!  Things are hummin’ right along there!

They haven’t decided on the best trail to take us on yet (but I’m sure that’s only because they don’t know which one is “the best”)!  From all indications, they’re fundraising like mad. There are “stick horses” (you know, the horse head on a broomstick) that will be judged and then auctioned off. This started as something for the children to be able to contribute, but it seems it’s “gone viral in Nanton” and there will be a men’s division and a women’s division as well as the one for kids! They’ve painted their fire truck pink! There’s a pink hair challenge going on too.

And the big one: they’re having “Road Apple Bingo”.  Yes, you know what that is!  Remember “Chicken Shit Bingo” in Richdale?  Same principle, different size turds! The star of “Road Apple Bingo” will be none other than my lovely Fjord horse, Buck Owens.  (Buckie loves to eat, so he should be a good participant! *grin*)

All the festivities will happen at the Nanton Ag Grounds.  That’s convenient for the riders … and fun for the kids who would like to come pet horses.

See you in Nanton!


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