Nanton Hits a Home Run!

We knew Nanton was getting into the game, but we didn’t realize how far in!  They have become one of our premier stops!

They are taking us riding on the Waldron Ranch!  I didn’t twig to the name when Timmi Shorr phoned with the exciting news.  But I did a few minutes after we hung up.  The Waldron Ranch!  That’s an amazing opportunity!  A few years ago the Nature Conservancy of Canada made a very important, historic purchase: the Waldron Ranch.  All 30,535 acres of the Waldron Ranch!  For all eternity, this important piece of the Canadian west will be saved from acreages, subdivisions and deforestation.  It will be grazed by cattle, but also by deer and elk.  It will be home to grizzlies and black bears forever.  Bald eagles will soar, as well as the at risk species of golden eagles and ferruginous hawks.

And we will ride there!  For miles and miles.  Through forests and fields and along the ridge of the whale back.  Now this is going to be something!  Really something!

You don’t want to miss this.  Phone me at (780) 975-4429 to register.  Then meet us in Crowsnest Pass as we head for The Waldron.



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2 thoughts on “Nanton Hits a Home Run!

  1. That’s great that NCC is going to preserve all that range land. When you’re in Nanton ask them why Lancasters were distributed to farmers after the war. (mentioned on their web page) What did farmers do with bombers???


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