The Last of the Epic Rides …

I announced at Wingding that 2016 will be the last of the Wild Pink Yonder epic 23-day 500-km rides.

One side of me is glad.  I am not getting any younger!  And besides, without Rusty on my team, the day-to-day stuff that I must do all fall, winter and spring, is lonely.  Plus, without him, it’s twice as stressful on the ride.  It’s amazing how much of the work and many of the worries he took off my plate.  Also, as of this coming May, I will (finally) have grandmotherly duties to perform.  (Thank you, Rusty and Rae … which is not to diss my step-grandbabies, but their parents don’t seem to need our help.  Also, unfortunately, they’re further away, which, I think, makes them loathe to ask us.)

The other side of me is sad.  This 23-day 500-km thing is … well … awesome … and unique in the entire world … and I’m damned proud of it!  Nobody else (at least nobody who I can find) goes this far, or this long, to raise money for anything! And boy, have we raised money!  The counting is still going on and cheques are still arriving for 2015, but it’s looking like we’ll sit right around the $800,000 mark by the end of 2015.  That’s pretty freaking awesome!

So now … I can’t tell you how many riders have told me over the years that “one day” they want to do the whole thing — to be a Longrider.  Well, folks, this is your warning.  If you want to be able to put Wild Pink Yonder Longrider on your resume, you better plan on next summer.  We will Fandango on August 12th.  I’ve already put a feeler out to Bragg Creek.  We may (that’s “may”) Fandango there as they asked for another shot at Pinkest Little Town in the West.  And besides, we had a hoot in that town!  Creekers are fantastic people.

For one more year, I’ll be able to wear my hoodie that says, “It’s going to be legendary … again.”



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