So Far Behind I Think I’m Winning!

Finding time to blog has been difficult.  With Rusty not around, I’m busier than the proverbial paper hanger.

So we got off to a difficult start in that we kept losing members of our convoy on the way from Lamont to Cardston, but eventually we all got there.

In the meantime, our long-time-Pinkster, Carly Carrier, and her new beau, Mitch, ran Horse Games for me.  (Really impressed with Carly’s choice of boyfriend!) From what I hear, they had a pretty good time!  Biggest winner was Gord Hunter, our Peavey Mart representative.  (It was a tad embarrassing giving him his winning gift … from Peavey Mart! *blush*)

Then riders went to the rodeo.  While they were there, they had the best hamburgers in southern Alberta … at the Cardston Ag Grounds concession.  They even make their own buns!  Hospitality from the Ag Society was great.

Then, next morning, off the riders went to meet up with guides from Alpine Stables in Waterton Lakes.  We had a misfire on directions,  but eventually it all worked out in the wash and they had a great (if a little short) ride.  Those folks at Alpine Stables seem to know the mountains like the backs of their hands.  The vistas they showed the riders were breathtaking.



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