Dateline: August 8th – Glenwood

After their ride at Waterton Lakes, we went to Glenwood for the night.  Well, technically, we went to Glenwood and dropped off the horses.  Then we were off to Great Canadian Barn Dance!  Wow!  (That’s about all we said all the way home afterwards!  Wow!)

Trevor Kunkel and his family put on quite the show … and quite the meal!  Haven’t had chicken that tender likely ever!  Beef was second to none as well.  And what showmen they are!  Early in the evening they got members of the audience up to play things like the kazoo, washboards and, for our own Brian Shulko, a half barrel with a long stick and a string so it was something like a hillbilly’s version of the double bass.  (And Brian wore a chicken hat whilst playing his “double bass”.)

Once all that silliness was out of the way, we went upstairs to the dance floor in the loft of the barn, where the Kunkel family entertained us royally for hours.  This is a non-alcohol place where you really don’t notice the lack of booze because you’re having too much fun.  Grandfathers dance with grand daughters, cousins teach younger cousins how to do the shotice .. and parents try to keep up with their kids doing line dancing.  It’s inter-generational fun at its finest.

Trevor told me months ago that they would do whatever they could to help us because, as he said, “Everybody is touched by cancer somehow.”  And boy did he help!  They sold t-shirts and other pink items. They exhorted people to give from their hearts, and they did.

At the end of the night, Wild Pink Yonder went home with $1,000 in donations!

If you’re ever in southern Alberta and you want a terrific evening of fantastic family fun … if you’re looking for a place to spend the weekend either in your RV or at a bed and breakfast cabin … please put Great Canadian Barn Dance on your itinerary.  You won’t be disappointed.  I promise.image image image


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