Dateline: August 10 – Pincher Creek

What a bang-up job Pincher Creek did!  Just about everybody in town was involved, but the lion’s share of the kudos must go to my wonderful Lions and Elks!  And from those groups, two men in particular stand out in my mind:  Ken Neumann and Charlie Price.  These two men went far and away above the call of duty!  Heck, Charlie even insisted on picking poop for us in the parking lot!  (Not his job — but he insisted!)

So this is how Pincher Creek rolled out.

We had a little excitement on the route from Hill Spring.  Stacy’s truck blew its transmission line.  That put us a little behind, but Ken Neumann rolled with the punches when we met him on the highway (where we’d agreed he would meet the riders and guide them to their staging area).  And away the riders went for what was described later as a GREAT ride in the foothills of the Rockies.

Meanwhile, the rest of us went on to Pincher Creek and started working on Stacy’s truck.  (More on this in a separate blog.)

When the riders got back, we prepared to go on parade.  Had a couple of glitches with hitching my team, but then away we went.  We visited all throughout downtown … but expecially, we enjoyed visiting the two seniors complexes out on the outskirts of town.  (That is always so special for us … and seems to be for the seniors as well.)

After the parade, we put our pretty pink horses away and were whisked off to a bar-be-cue followed by a street dance!  Before the music started, they had an old car painted pink parked near the stage.  People paid a lot of money to take a swing at that car with the bright pink sledgehammer!  I don’t know why, but I find that there’s something very satisfying about the whack of a sledge hammer on a windshield or car hood!  (Am I twisted? *grin*)

We were all pretty early to bed that night.  The day had been long and quite warm (but not, as it turns out, as hot as it would be in the next few days).

In the morning, it was pancakes, sausages and eggs at the rodeo grounds.  What a beautiful set up they have in Pincher!  When you’re sitting in the bleachers, you’re looking down into a bowl where the arena sits, and you’re looking across at a rolling vista that’s to die for.  Beautiful, beautiful country down there!

And on that note, we were off into the Wild Pink Yonder to ride again … this time in the Crowsnest Pass.


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