Dateline: August 11 – Crowsnest Pass

Mostly this post is for our “old time Pinksters” because you will know what I’m talking about, and I’m sure you’ll have fond memories.  The two main people who looked after us in “The Nest” were Miss Eleanor Bergen and our old friend “Hollywood” — Joe Trotz.

This time we were at the Ag Grounds in Coleman.

Eleanor has been the one to organize everything that happened for us there.  She arranged the ride.  She cooked the dinner and served it after the riders got back.  She made our breakfast at Chris’ Restaurant possible, and she made our lunches for the next day.  We cannot thank her enough (and we really hope she’ll be able to get away and ride with us for a couple of days yet this year as that is her wish). To many she is “Ellie”.  To me, she’s “Ellie Oakley” and her aim was perfect on this!

When they left Coleman with “Hollywood”, our riders rode from Coleman to Blairmore and right down main street there.  We had a couple of support trucks to keep them safe.  From Blairmore they crossed the highway and headed for the hills … or more accurately, they headed for the mountains.  From all reports, the ride was fabulous.  (You expected less from Hollywood?  He’s spent his whole life in these mountains that he loves so much, and he knows them like the back of his hand.)  Hollywood took them for about 4.5 hours.

We had a quiet evening in camp because the riders were tuckered.

In the morning, the Coleman Ag Society sprang for our breakfast at Chris’ Restaurant.  What a treat!  Great food and lots of it.  Thank you so much Chris and Coleman Ag!

And the topping on the cake was when I gave Hollywood a hug goodbye … and he slipped a cheque for $250 into my hand.  It was from Trotz Holdings to Wild Pink Yonder.  He told me then that his family has lost eight to cancer and his wife’s family has lost seven.  He  “get it” … and I am so grateful.  Adios, Hollywood.


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