Dateline: August 12 – Nanton

This was the day so many were waiting for!  Riding the Waldron!  It’s a bit of a “Once in a lifetime” event.  Everybody was up early and we were off.

Riders went to the Waldron north buildings to meet up with their guides.  The rest of us carried on to Nanton.  Man, it’s sure pretty when you take the secondary highway off 22 across to Nanton through the Porcupine Hills!

Once the riders came back (all aglow), the town provided a beautiful roast beef dinner.  The mayor came out with his wife and while he was there, he made calls to a couple of mayors from neighbouring towns to challenge them to raise money for us as well! *grin*

Then the games began.  There were all these little kids on their stick horses.  Cute?  They were barrel racing,  playing polo, cutting (well, sort of — it’s hard to cut without a real cow, you know!) and a number of other games.

Then we took The Boyos into a pen that was all marked off in squares.  Remember playing “Chicken Shit Bingo” in Richdale?  Well, we played “Road Apple Bingo”. My Boyos didn’t cooperate for the longest time, but eventually someone won … and Wild Pink Yonder didn’t just get half the pot.  The winner donated back about half of her winnings!

Again we had a quiet, early night.  Everybody was pooped.  Lights went out shortly after the sun went down.

In the morning, we had a wonderful breakfast at “The Pink Church”.  Yep!  It really is a pink church … and not just pink in honour of us.  It’s pink year ’round!  Marvelous breakfast and we were on the road again.

Nanton was my “sleeper” town!  I didn’t think much was going to happen … and away they went!  Thank you, Nanton.  You’ve shown some of that great southern Alberta hospitality and we loved it!


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