The Pink Spirit

Probably the thing I love best about Wild Pink Yonder is what I call “The Pink Spirit”.  I see it happening when people meet new friends on The Pink Trail.  I see it when towns come together to help us in our quest to conquer breast cancer.  And, from time to time, I see it from companies we deal with in our adventures … and our misadventures.

When we were in Pincher Creek, I watched the most awesome example of The Pink Spirit that I’ve seen so far this tour.  It went like this:

Stacy Whalen’s truck had a problem with its transmission line.  The first example of The Pink Spirit happened when two of our male Pinksters figured out how to jury-rig it to get from the highway into Pincher Creek.  But once in Pincher, they decided that they weren’t qualified to do the work properly, so wanted to turn it over to a local auto shop.  This was much to the consternation of Stacy because she didn’t have the money to pay for it.  (I had told her that I’d front her the money until we got home, but she still was quite upset.)  So the second example of The Pink Spirit came shining through when three of our male Pinksters (Brian, Marek and Elmer) decided that they would split the bill three ways and pay it for Stacy!  (Gotta love those men!)  And then the third example happened when they took Stacy’s truck to Fountain Tire.  Owner Randy Visser learned that this was a Pink Truck and insisted on having his mechanic, Ernie Swanson, do the work for nothing. Nothing!  Ask any of us how happy we are!  Over the moon, baby!  Over the moon.

Thank you so very much, Brian, Marek, Elmer and the wonderful folks at Fountain Tire!  The Pink Spirit is alive and well!


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