Dateline: August 14 – Okotoks

I don’t suppose this should be datelined Okotoks.  We really had nothing to do with the town (unfortunately).  But Okotoks Ag Society was kind enough to let us spent the night there.

The big news for this day was another day of riding Sandy McNabb.  I can’t speak from personal experience, but I have to tell you, my riders were over the moon with the facility and with the trails from there into Kananaskis Country.

The weather was hot again, but they found that being at the higher elevation and having so many trees around, nobody got hot.  I had suggested that they break into two groups — the “Bushwackers” and the “Sunday Riders” — which they did.  Off the Bushwackers went, setting a fast pace and enjoying their horses’ ability to handle the terrain.  Meanwhile, the Sunday Riders went their merry way too.  Amongst them was Hedi Klassen on her “Wee Willy” who has never been on a trail in his life.  Hedi advises that not only did Willy do well, he even led the parade for a while.

Our evening was a quiet one with everybody to bed early.  (That seems to be a theme this year.)

Farewell, Sandy McNabb — but don’t you worry, we’ll be back!


One thought on “Dateline: August 14 – Okotoks

  1. Hi Jane: This is Tim Doering from Viking here. I have been following your day trips but they have all of a sudden stopped. I really enjoy them. You do fine work for a fine cause and your efforts are greatly appreciated by many. I hope there has not been a problem of any kind.

    God bless you and take care. Tim


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