Dateline: August 15th – Bragg Creek

What fun we had with “The Creekers”!  The day started with our riders parading all through “downtown” Bragg Creek — twice.  On the way through, we all saw this full size (well, yearling size) paper mache moose!  It wasn’t painted yet, but they said kids were coming down later to paint it … pink!  Then our riders were off for an afternoon of riding in the mountains with our very personable guide, Ward.

Meanwhile, I was squired around town by the inimitable Angie Sanders.  What a gal!  Lori from the Bragg Creek grocery store was the one to grab the Pink Proposition, but it is Angie who spearheaded this whole event in Bragg Creek, and drew just about every Creeker into her schemes.  One of the funniest was her pink toilet that would mysteriously appear on someone’s front lawn or business front with a note saying that to have it removed, one should call the number on the toilet, make a donation to Wild Pink Yonder and then decide where the toilet went next!  (A lot of good natured banter was started that way.)

Someone in Bragg Creek put a full size pink cow out in the middle of their pasture!  That was pretty funny. *grin*  No matter where you turned in Bragg Creek, breast cancer awareness was at an all time high!

From 3:00 ’til 5:00 they had a fabulous outdoor dinner (compliments of the newest restaurant in town — Wild Texan BBQ — owned by Donna and Ed) with a live band on stage for entertainment.  But I have to tell you about the food!  The steak was good.  Real good.  But the pulled pork was even better!  YUM!  There was other stuff too, but then there was the potato salad.  Arguably the best I’ve ever had.  Incredible!  If you’re passing through (or visiting) Bragg Creek, you have got to try Wild Texan BBQ! Thank you so much, Donna and Ed.

After that we were taken to the set where some of Heartland is shot (and where North of 60 and other shows have been shot over the years, and I suspect will be in the future).  We had a wine and cheese tasting party hosted by a local woman who owns a vineyard in Summerland, BC.  It’s called “Dirty Laundry” and the labels on all her wines are fantastic!  The whole story is wonderful.  A Chinese man who came to Canada to work on the railway.  Left it in BC.  Opened a laundry service.  That didn’t go over very well because the town was all men and they didn’t care how they smelled.  So he opened a brothel upstairs!  Thereafter, while the men were upstairs, their laundry was done downstairs!  I don’t do the story justice.  You have to visit their website to get it all:  So all this happened in a log building that houses, amongst other things, the set used when “Ty” and “Caleb” go to “Hudson” to the bar to shoot pool.  All I can say is, it was a late night!

We were given a lovely send-off in the morning and away we went.

I could quite easily spend a lot of time in Bragg Creek … with my new friend, Angie Sanders.  Thank you, Angie.  You really are a peach … and I’ll have my fingers crossed for your town’s shot at Pinkest Little Town in the West.



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