I’m Back!

I am flattered!  I have heard from many that you miss the blogs about our goings-on — that the quick updates and pictures on Facebook are nice, but they aren’t what you want — so here goes!

It will take a bit to get caught up, but hang in and I’ll get them all done — and I’ll get them done in the right order.


5 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. I love seeing what you guys are up too and again wish I could be part of your incredible journey 🙂 We have moved this year and has taken all summer, always next year. Take care, please say hi to all. Thanks Maureen durda 🙂


  2. Thanks Jane, you had me worried something was wrong or maybe you were just getting a little “trail weary”. I would expect to see all the “blog posts” in your “Wild Pink Yonder” book some day.Everything has a life time, some day you may just travel around and do book signings at “tea houses” in all the communities you have passed through. What a way to see Alberta!! You are a hard working lucky lady! You do fine work and your efforts are appreciated by many. No matter what one does usually 80% are satisfied with what you are doing; 20% cause 80% of your problems and 2% “hate themselves” and are never happy. There are CAVE people out there…. “Citizens Against Virtually Everything”. Keep your “red headed spirit” up but don’t stop to “kick every barking dog” or you’ll never get your journey done.

    Take care. Tim Doering


  3. I too was concerned not hearing from your about your adventures. But like always, you manage to pull through any adversity and come through better than before. I really missed seeing you and all the riders. Was “Miss Lime Mojito” with you again this year. That alone would have been worth the price of admission for me! :o)


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