Dateline: August 20th – Rocky Mountain House

The day dawned clear and bright as our riders bid farewell to Fern Kornelson and Art Wattie at The Horse Palace and headed for Wildhorse Mountain Ranch

This is a special kind of ranch, this Wildhorse.  It belongs to Bear and Diane Baker. You won’t find more caring, loving, spiritual people than these two.  They work with all kinds of people, mostly healthy youngsters from around the world who are looking to learn about life without electronics.  Some of their clients come with troubles (cancer and PTSD survivors). For these people, Bear and Diane help heal their souls by letting them spend time with the mountains and their horses and contemplating life’s changes.  They offer recreational packing trips and “frontier university adventure courses”.  Bear and Diane offered their ranch for our riders’ enjoyment.  From what I heard, everybody enjoyed both riding the ranch and discussing life with the Bakers.

Then we were off to Rocky Mountain House where Peavey Mart was waiting with a barbecue and games for everybody.  We never got into any of the games (including the “dump-cold-spaghetti-mixed-with-other-stuff-like-old-coffee-grounds-on-your-best-friend’s-head” game *grin*) … but the barbecue was good!  (Better than good, actually.  Alexandra, the store manager, set aside a number of salads just for my riders so they’d have their veggies with the burgers.  Yum.)  Definitely kudos to Alexandra.  Considering the adversity offered by the water main break right next door to their parking lot, she did a bang-up job.

While we were there, we brought out two of my Norwegian Fjordhorses and for four hours we let kids pat them and sit on them while we led them around.  My “Boyos” were perfect gentlemen and a great hit.

When you’re in Rocky Mountain House during the last part of August, late nights and early mornings sure are a good reminder that winter isn’t all that far away! Br-r-r-r!

Next morning, after packing up, we headed to Peavey Mart for the biggest, bestest breakfast we’ve had in a long time.  Thank you, Alexandra.  You rock, sister!

(I could not resist.  Peavey Mart has a long stemmed wine glass that is a red Solo cup!  Ha hahahahahahaha!  If you want one, hurry.  I expect they will sell out quickly.  Too funny!)


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