Dateline: August 25th – Wildwood

Whoa, Nellie!  I thought we were in a two-way fight for Pinkest Little Town in the West.  No, sir.  No, siree!  Wildwood definitely has the will to win!

I was overwhelmed by their pink spirit.  (Their literal pinkness was pretty amazing too.)  But the spirit.  It was there in spades.  What a great bunch of people!

Our visit started with a parade that took us through the town.  Everybody was out to see us and to wave. Talk about pink!  It was amazing.  Then Charlene Callioux took the riders on a great ride at her place (Go Hard Ranch) along the shores of Chip Lake. How do I know it was great? Every rider said so!  Thanks, Charlene.

Once that was over, the riders came back and cleaned up to go to dinner.  I think everybody in town was there! And the music was fab.

The place was packed.  It was a chili dinner with all the fixings … and a pink breast cancer ribbon cake to boot! After dinner I got up and told them about “our” project (taxane-resistance) and how their money would help us reach the $1.3 million needed to pull this research project off. They are all on board.

You should have seen their arena at breakfast. I have pictures, but apparently technology strikes again. I don’t know how to get them to a place where I can access them for the blog.  (Sorry ’bout that.) But they had bales out front all decked out in pink. The walls were decked in pink.  There were pink signs and memorials everywhere.  We had pancakes with strawberries and pink whipped cream, and sausages.  It was the pinkest breakfast so far.

And when we were ready to leave town, Frank, the owner of 2 for 1 Pizza set us up with enough pizza for a week! (Yes, we have a number of people who love cold pizza on this tour!)

We all know that I am not one of the Pinkification Judges, so my opinion doesn’t count — but Wildwood sure was pink!




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