Dateline: August 26th – Mayerthorpe

I worked for a long, long time to try to bring Mayerthorpe on board for Pinkest Little Town in the West, but it was not to be.  In fact, I had given up completely when somehow I got the name and phone number for the most marvelous Mayerthorpian!

His name is Jurgen Preugschas and he really is marvelous.  (Not surprisingly, Jurgen has a marvelous wife too.  Her name is Anna.) The last name is Lithuanian that was Germanized many long years ago, and now the Preugschases are Canadian.  Lucky us. Juergen and Anna run 17 quarters and raise thousands of pigs every year.  It’s quite the operation. (Who says immigration’s a bad thing? *grin*)

In a matter of a week, Jurgen accomplished more than I’d been able to do in months.  (In my defence, it’s easier to get things done when you’re a productive and valued member of the town’s society — but still, it was impressive to see what Jurgen could accomplish.)

Jurgen got us permission to stay at the Mayerthorpe Ag Grounds.  The Ag Society provided us with much needed hay as well.  Jurgen got hamburgers, buns, soft drinks and condiments donated by the local businesses and away he went, barbecueing up a storm from before noon ’til after 2:00.  I got CFCW on location for him and he sold quite a few hamburgers, though I’ll not know the total until sometime in September.

Jurgen and Anna had invited our riders to join them for their weekly trail ride.  It seems that for the last 25 years, every Wednesday all summer long, they have hosted a ride night.  Everybody who wants to join them just shows up with their horse and something to add to the potluck they share after the ride.  Heck, if you want to go and you don’t have a horse, Jurgen and Anna have 11 well broke saddle horses from which you can choose to borrow for the night!  (These are amazing people.)

So off our people went … including my stepson, Kevin, who has no history with horses.  When I said, in an alarmed voice, “My husband will kill me if you break Kevin!” Jurgen assured  me that he had just the right horse for him, and he did.  Kevin went for his first trail ride and came back interested in learning more about horses. (Yay!)

After the ride, we all sat around the bonfire in Jurgen and Anna’s backyard.  They have fire torches that they light, picnic tables that wind up with a large array of goodies spread over them, and everybody sitting around the campfire enjoying the post ride cameraderie.

Jurgen and Anna, you are special people and we admire you greatly.  Thank you so very much for making our stay in Mayerthorpe memorable.


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