Dateline: August 27th – Evansburg

We got very busy toward the end of the tour and I got behind in my posting (again) … and then I got home and lost my mojo.  But I’m back, and I want to tell you about the rest of the tour.

Evansburg was lovely.  They decorated the town and they’ve raised money (though at this writing I have no idea how much).  When we arrived, the first thing was that our riders went for their daily ride.  It was a little north of town on Riverwood Ranch with the Greenwoods (Megan and her father, Bruce).  I was surprised to hear it later, but our Bushwackers (the riders who like to go hard) told me that of all the rides they’ve done on this tour, this one was the most challenging.  More challenging than Ya Ha Tinda.  More challenging than Waterton or Pincher Creek or Crowsnest Pass!  More challenging than Sandy McNabb or Cadomin!  And they loved it!  Who’da thunk it?  Top quality trails … challenging trails … fantastic scenery along the banks of the Pembina River … and all this just a stone’s throw from Edmonton! So if you are looking for a great ride in the Edmonton area, please call Riverwood Ranch.  I’m sure they’d love to accommodate you. (And they’ll even rent a horse to your horseless friends so they can join you too!)

When the ride was over, we paraded all through town and many Evansburgites (Evansburgers? *grin*) came out to see us.  I didn’t get to drive my Fjords very often on this tour, so I really enjoyed this day (plus, Evansburg used to be the closest stores to us when we lived in Seba Beach).  We went by the old folks home, which is always so heartwarming. They were all outside and very happy to see all the horses and the pink on the riders.

Then Evansburg had a family barbecue at the arena.  I think the entire town showed up!  It certainly was impressive for a town so small.  Thank you, Evansburg … and good luck in the Pinkest Little Town in the West contest.


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