Dateline: August 28th – Spruce Grove

This was the day our riders were to ride Chickakoo (pronounced “Chi-KA-koo”) … but the consensus was that 20 days on the trail had taken its toll, and given their choice, they’d all like to take the day off.  Fine by me! We were set to stay at the Stony Plain Kinsmen’s Rodeo Grounds, but our riders pointed out that it would be nicer to get over to St Albert and stay put for a couple of nights.  Everybody agreed, so off they went to chill in St Albert while I headed for Spruce Grove.

Nobody in Stony Plain and nobody in Spruce Grove wanted to do anything for Wild Pink Yonder.  Sad, but true. I canvassed the town administrations, their service clubs, their horse facilities … everybody I could think of … to no avail … so instead, we did our own thing!  There’s a Peavey Mart in Spruce Grove and Peavey is our biggest, most invested, sponsor, so we had “The Pinkest Little Show ‘n Shine in the West” at the Peavey Mart in Spruce Grove.

What a great little idea that turned out to be! Oh, sure, we had a few little glitches (like the wrong phone number on the poster when we were looking for participants *blush*), but we got everything straightened out in the long run and away we went.  There were a lot of really cool vehicles there.  Initially we thought we could only handle about 35 or 40 cars.  Then we decided we could maybe do more.  In the long run, we had 38 vehicles, which was a nice number for the size of the parking lot. Probably the funniest vehicle was the trike.  Its handlebars were set “chopper” style (like in the old movie Easy Rider).  Behind the trike was a trailer.  On the trailer were two large whiskey barrels set on their sides with a smaller barrel set on top of them.  Each barrel had a hole in the top side … and each hole had a dog sticking out of it!  A live dog! In the big barrels there were bulldogs.  In the little barrel was a Shih Tzu.  In front of each dog there was a windshield — a mini version of what you’d see on the front of a motorcycle.  It was hysterical. They didn’t win any prizes because they didn’t register for our event, but they were pretty funny, and had they registered, I’m sure they’d have won People’s Choice.

We had four prizes.  One for the People’s Choice vehicle.  One for the Vehicle Driven the Furthest to get here. One for the vehicle that Raised the Most Pledge Money for breast cancer research. And one prize that people didn’t expect — a random draw from amongst the people who did the voting.  The event started with registration at 2:30.  The judging started at 4:00 and ended at 8:00.  I think everybody had a good time. I know I did … and I know we’ll have more of these Pinkest Little Show ‘n Shines in the future.  (Maybe add some old time music?  Maybe a dance floor?  Too bad Dick Clark ‘s not still around!)

Look out, Peavey Mart!  We’re going to take over your parking lots!




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