Dateline: August 30th — Trail’s End (day two)

We call it “Silly Horse Games” for a reason — it really is!

Riders are paired up to become a team of two. This is a time to giggle and laugh. It’s a time to try running barrels (or more likely, walking them), to see if you can fill the mojito jug with water (without having your horse drink it as Buckie did last year), to see if you and your partner can make it from one end of the arena to the other and back with each holding onto one sleeve of a jacket … and most of all, to hope like hell that you’re not going to be paired with someone on one of my Fjord horses. *grin*

We brought Troll out to play because the Dewanes didn’t want to use their other horse.  (Bad judgement call, Jackie! *grin*) And then out came Buck so Kevin could play. But he didn’t have a partner, so we enlisted Madison’s boyfriend, Jack, to partner with Kevin on Buck. (Notice, I didn’t say Jack on a horse. He was on foot a la Trevor and Bryce Somerville in the 2014 version of Silly Horse Games.)

Who would have guessed that Kevin and Buck and Jack would win? For the Egg Stomp competition, the horse has to step on a raw egg. Do you have any idea how far a horse will go out of its way to not step on an egg? But there was nothing in the Silly Horse Games rule book that said Jack couldn’t lift up Buckie’s foot and put it squarely on the egg! And Jack could run through the Keyhole and do his pirouette much faster than any horse could! Compared to the horses, Jack was a little slow on the barrels though. And it didn’t help when Kevin (a novice on horses) thought he might be able to urge Buckie on (and stop from falling off) by lying on his back with his feet toward Buckie’s bum … which turned out to be right into Buckie’s flanks. Ooooooops! You guessed it! Buckie bucked. Kevin went flying … but they were at the finish line, so it was all okay.

For Elmer on Jen, I’m sure it was frustrating.  Elmer is the consummate competitor. (You should have seen him the day before during the Canadian Cowboy Challenge.  He gave them a run for their money, even considering that Jen had never seen anything like any of the obstacles before.) This day Hughie had to go see someone in the St Albert hospital, so Elmer was paired with Hughie’s horse, Keno, with Amanda up.  It’s an odd thing about Keno.  He’s big and he’s bold and he’ll do anything Hughie asks of him in the bush.  He even hauls a chainsaw in a makeshift scabbard for Hugh and then stands there while he uses it! And Keno will parade anywhere, any time. But put Keno in an arena and he’s freaked! They had a tough go of it.

I nearly peed my pants a number of times, mostly at the antics of Kevin, Buck and Jack, but also at Jackie Dewane as she tried just about everything to get Troll moving.  Poor Troll!  He didn’t know what to make of Jackie. He just wanted his harness and his wagon back! That he knows. This person-on-my-back thing was not working for him. Fortunately, his answer was to just stop.  No bucking.  No running away.  Just … nothing. Jackie kicked and nudged and turned and turned and kissed and kissed to virtually no avail.  Madison had to come every time and lead him where he had to go. Sometimes, with Jackie smacking his bum, he’d trot there, but mostly … not.

So at the end of the eight different contests, our winner was Kevin on Buck with Jack on foot.

Then it was time for one last lunch together after which everybody headed out. And that’s it for the Wild Pink Yonder Tour of 2015.

Happy trails.


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