Oh, the anticipation!

September and October are two months of great anticipation here at Wild Pink Yonder. Which rider will be our top fundraiser? Which town will become the Pinkest Little Town in the West 2015? To make things fair to all, we set September 15th as the cut off date for the contest. The competitive towns have taken that to mean they can fundraise right up until September 15th, so we’ve let that stand. That means that the bean counting can’t get seriously started until the end of the month. But October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and October 27th is the birthday of my stepdaughter who we lost to breast cancer, so it’s fitting that October be the month in which this is finished.

It is a given that we will break the 3/4 of a million dollar mark this year, but in this seriously downturned economy, it will be interesting to see how much more than that we will do. Will we break $800,000? Maybe. $850,000? Mmmm … unfortunately, not likely. But I’ve been surprised before, and I’d be delighted to be surprised again.

From where I’m sitting, it appears to me that unless something incredible happens, our top rider fundraiser will be one of the Bushwackers — either Elmer or Hughie. But even they haven’t finished fundraising. He may be the quieter of the two, but our Hughie is just as much a competitor. He phoned me the other day to tell me he had some more money to add to his total. When I mentioned that it was a race between him and Elmer, Hughie said, “Oh, I don’t know.  That Elmer, he’s a real promoter. I don’t think I can beat him.” We’ll see! Top fundraiser gets to choose first from an impressive set of prizes that will be offered at some kind of get-together that I’ve not figured out yet.

And, from where I sit, it appears that the Pinkest Little Town in the West 2015 will be one of these: Pincher Creek, Bragg Creek, Wildwood, Evansburg — though I’m starting to hear some rumblings about Nanton as well. I’ve not received pinkification numbers on any towns from the Pinkification Judges yet, and, of course, fundraising is still on the go, so only time will tell.

Reminder to the towns: your final Pinkest Little Town mark is a combination of three things.

  • 50% of your final mark is how pink your town was (both literally and in spirit).
  • 30% of your final mark is how much your town has raised on a per capita basis (census taken from the Municipal Government Board).
  • 20% of your final mark is the sheer amount you raised. (We had to do this in order to give larger towns any shot at it at all. They are not going to get high marks on the per capita part.)

Good luck everybody!



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