It was a Great News Kind of Day!

Great News #1: Lara Matechuk came to visit us today with her husband and daughter in tow.  She is going to arrange for us to ride the sand dunes over by Wainwright!  Apparently you ride up one side of a dune (waaaaaay up) and when you get to the top it’s a sheer drop down the other side!  It will be dramatic, for sure.

Great News #2: Sue from Carmangay stopped in.  The community heard our pitch about coming to their town with our Pinkest Little Town in the West contest and got really excited about it!  They’re hatching ideas left and right … and I’m told that they have fabulous trails along their river bottom.

Great News #3: Sue Meier from Taber stopped in to say hello.  Sue is our second Longrider (after Hughie) to register for this year, and she’s GREAT!  She’s going to be a terrific addition to the Pink Family.

Great News #4: Sue Meier is going to advise her husband that he has to come and drive truck for us!  Oh, man, I hope that works out.  It would be perfect.

Great News #5: Debra (“Stewie”) Stewart dropped in to say hello.  She’s not going to be a Longrider, unfortunately, but she’s a really great person.  I’m hoping she’ll be able to log more than just weekends.

Great News #6: I met Teresa from BC.  She convinced me to buy a leather jacket, so I convinced her to come ride the Pink Trail.  She’s marvelous.

And finally — GREAT NEWS #7: We got a $75 ticket for not displaying our parking pass in the trailer … and I managed to sweet talk the city into taking it back!

Ta-da!  Great news, or what? *grin*


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