There’s a saddle club in southern Alberta called “Stirling Silver Saddle Club”.  Oddly, it’s located in … Stirling! *grin*  I don’t know what his position is there, but they have a marvelous man called Abe Caldwell involved with the club.  It turns out Abe’s family has a long history of breast cancer and he is more than willing to go above and beyond for the cause.

Abe said, “I’ll get a band!  We’ll have a cabaret!”  Well, he didn’t.  Instead, he came up with two bands!  So, hot diggity, we’re having us a cabaret (aka fandango in our lingo).

Now to find out if Stirling is going to “pinkify”.  Abe tells me that the businesses owned by friends of his are ready and rarin’ to go.  I’ll be sending them Wild Pink Yonder paper breast cancer ribbons and pink bandanas to get them started.  Could this be our Pinkest Little Town in the West 2016?

Let’s go to Stirling to meet up with Abe and his friends and find out.  Let the party begin!


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