She’s Our Inside Champion!

Her name is Becky Clement … and last week she had to lay her mother to rest after she lost a ten-year-long battle with breast cancer. Becky “gets it”. So when our other inside champion in Donalda asked her to help them pull off Wild Pink Yonder’s day in Donalda, she never hesitated. She wrote me a lovely note on Facebook that has somehow managed to disappear, so I can’t express her sentiment for you … but it was lovely. She is lovely.

Becky is a horsewoman and has agreed to organize and lead our ride out of Donalda. She is very well versed on the coulee and its terrain and in her eagerness to help us, she is going to get other rider friends to work with her. She will organize a “Bushwacker” tour (5 hours) and a “Sunday Rider” tour (3 hours) with at least two guides per ride. We are definitely a bunch of spoiled pups!

And if that isn’t enough, she’s going to put the word out to riders near and far to see how many she can get to join us for the day.

You really don’t want to miss this! Friday, August 26th … a ride through badlands (think hoodoos) followed by a catered dinner in the middle of main street followed by a drive-in movie down in Willow Canyon in the badlands coulee … and getting to know Becky Clement! It will be a day to remember.





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