Let me tell you about the Dersches!

I am just off the phone with a fantastic man named Harvey Dersch! He and his wife, Roberta, live in southern Alberta, near Ft MacLeod. They are avid horse lovers who each lost their first partner to cancer. Roberta was at The Mane Event this year and won a two-day mini-holiday with Wild Pink Yonder, so they’re both coming with us. (Hopefully — likely — for more than just the two days.)

Harvey asked if we’re wagon friendly, which had me looking at Roberta’s age on her winner’s registration form. She’s 78 … and it turns out Harvey is 80, so I thought, “Oh, boy. These folks aren’t going to be coming if they have to ride.” Ha! Wrong-o, Jane-o!

When these two first met, Roberta was an accomplished jumper and rode English. Well, no wife of Harvey’s was going to ride English, so he made her go get a western saddle … and the rest, as they say, is history.

Every winter Harvey and Roberta spend the season in the US … penning and reining! And it seems that Roberta can out-pen and out-rein Harvey!  She won not one, but two buckles last winter! As Harvey says, “She’s one heck of a horsewoman!”

I’ve not spoken with Roberta yet, but while she may be the equestrian in the family, she’ll have a hard time being more outgoing and charming than her husband. I can hardly wait to have them along.

Hmmm … I wonder if I can convince them to be Longriders.  What a coup that would be!



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