Big change! Please note! Aug 21 and 23 are changing!

I’m just off the phone with Darrell Glover (the unofficial guardian of the wild horses). When I laid out our plans for Aug 23rd, he said that our day would be way too tight. If we were to go see “the wildies” (the wild horses west of Sundre in the high foothills) and then do everything Olds Exhibition wants us to do, he couldn’t guarantee that he’d get us back in time … and more importantly, if he did get us back in time, he couldn’t guarantee that we’d see “the wildies”! So things had to change! (And besides, our stop in Hussar kind of fell flat anyway.)

So Darrell has offered to do “the wildies” on Aug 21st instead of Aug 23rd.  That way, we have all the time in the world to find them and watch them.  We’ll finish the day in the foothills and return to spend the night at Darrell’s North 40 Ranch, a couple of miles north of Olds.

In the morning, we’re off to Drumheller for our next stop. Then we’re back to Olds on the 23rd.

Early in the day of the 23rd, we’ll spend a couple of hours back at Darrell’s riding on North 40, followed by a leisurely late afternoon of fun with the Olds Exhibition people. They want us to do a parade through town. After that there’s a BBQ … entertainment … and finally, a dance … all in the park across the street from the Exhibition grounds.  It would be hard to enjoy that if we’d been hustling around the mountains looking for horses all day.

So mark your calendars.  “The Wildies” changes to Aug 21st, Hussar drops out of the schedule and Olds gets the attention it deserves on the 23rd.



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