Let me tell you how exciting this year’s Pink Trail is going to be!

As you all know, this is the final tour of Wild Pink Yonder (at least in the 23-day 500-km format). But what a year we’re going to have!

For the first time ever, our Fandango Town (the place where we gather before we start to ride) has decided that they, too, want to participate in Pinkest Little Town in the West! So they’re going pink … and they’re having a steak dinner BBQ (with a beer garden) at the Stirling Silver Saddle Club arena, and live entertainment by Border Bound. But that’s not all! They’re having a pinkest yard/house contest, Pink Memory Main Street (buy a sidewalk, or cross walk square and they will paint a commemorative ribbon on it. You can then put your loved one’s name on it if you like), and a Pink Parade the morning of the 13th. According to organizer Lana Caldwell, “Keep your peepers open for WPY swag and nab some before it is all gone!”

From there we’re off to ride on a grazing lease that has hoodoos and all sorts of other fantastic scenery.

Next stop: Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park. It is out of this world … and weird. Hoodoos and the largest collection of ancient Native American hieroglyphics in North America!

Then we ride the Knight Ranch, an immense tract of land that belongs to the Mormon Church. They run thousands of cattle there and I’m told the draws and coulees into the Milk River are stunningly beautiful.

I don’t know about the trails at the next few towns, but I know that those towns are going pink for us!

On August 21st we’re going into the foothills to see “the wildies” with Unofficial Custodian of the Wild Horses, Darrell Glover.

Next stop: Drumheller. Can’t imagine what’s going to happen there, but Dave Carter is a man of his word and if he says, “Let’s take a run at this!” I have to believe it’s going to be fun. And they have hoodoos!

We can always count on Olds for a good time. They’re planning entertainment, a BBQ and a dance in the park. All that after we do a ride at North 40 Ranch and a pink parade through town.

Alix? All I can tell you is that these folks are fantastic! Big Valley? We’re going to have a pink train rolling into town!

And ain’t nobody gonna want to miss Donalda! These people have plans for two rides into the northern end of the badlands (one 3-hour ride and one 5-hour ride) followed by a pink parade down main street, then a “pink-nic” followed by … are you ready? A drive-in movie down in the coulee! They’re going to play that zany old western musical, Cat Ballou (Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin), in our honour.

As we head (more or less) for home, we’re off to the eastern side of the province to (hopefully) ride some sand dunes.

They tell me there is some beautiful rolling land north east of Edmonton around Two Hills and Willingdon, so we’re off to give that a go too!

Trail’s End this year will be at Lamont Ag Society. We’ve not made any definite plans yet, but the first order of business will definitely be riding the fantastic Blackfoot Grazing Reserve on Saturday, September 3rd. Then Sunday, September 4th, for all who would like to try barrel racing and pole bending (etc) without embarrassing yourselves at a competition, come embarrass yourselves with us! We will, once again, play Silly Horse Games … and none of us are any good at any of them (but there will be prizes anyway)!

Don’t know (yet) if Yonderosa Dinner will be Saturday night or Sunday night, but it will be an interesting time in Lamont Ag’s beautiful big tent. Researchers from CRINA will talk to us about advances in breast cancer research and tell us what new ideas they have for new treatments.



2 thoughts on “Let me tell you how exciting this year’s Pink Trail is going to be!

  1. Hi Jane. Does this mean sundre is on August 21 instead of 23? Is there a new Calendar available? Laurie

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    • Hi, Laurie! Yes, the meet for “going to the wildies” has changed from Aug 23 to Aug 21. We still meet at the parking lot across from Sobey’s in Sundre. We still meet at 10:00 a.m. If you go to the map that is attached to our website (www.WildPinkYonder.com) and click on “Tentative Map 2016” you will see the latest updates.

      Do I have your registration yet?


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