In the nick of time, I’ve pulled a rabbit out of my …

very pink cowboy hat! *grin*

The rabbit’s name is Wendy Walker and she is a videographer who produces documentaries! I don’t suppose I can take a lot of credit for this. The majority of the credit goes to my new friend, Joe Thornton, of Calgary. Before cancer took its toll, he used to produce documentaries. Wendy is a friend of his … and a woman who has lost too many loved ones to cancer, so this will be done with passion.

First, let me tell you about Wendy. She’s a Calgarian but her heritage is Cree mixed with Metis mixed with Mi’Kmaq First Nations. Wendy has over 30 years in the arts doing everything from acting to writing to directing to producing and even hosting on television.

As some of you know, I’ve had two different documentary offers on the table, but both collapsed. In the eleventh hour, Joe spoke to Wendy who found our project exciting … and, as I said, she’s lost too many loved ones to cancer and would like to help. Where this documentary goes is still up for grabs. I certainly don’t know … yet!

Wendy will shoot in the towns that are going pink and doing us proud. Can you imagine seeing your town in the documentary? Can you imagine being interviewed by Wendy and winding up in the documentary yourself? *big fat grin*

So here’s the request, Pinksters: Wendy cannot be with us 24/7 for all 23 days. (She has other projects on the go too.) She would like every rider who has a quality camera to bring it and shoot everything in sight. If you can shoot video, so much the better. If you’ve only got your phone camera, that’s okay too. Take a gazillion photos. We’ll have some place that you can upload them to clear your phone. If your stuff is used, you will get credits in the documentary! 

I don’t know who else is handy with a camera, but I’ll be watching for Hedi’s stuff, for sure!

Eek! This is so exciting I can hardly contain myself. What a long, long journey to find “our” Wendy! Thank you once again, Joe Thornton. Without you this would not have happened.


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