DATELINE: Aug 19 – Arrowwood

And then there is Arrowwood Councillor Clydine Grenier. I was told by Clydine’s husband, Al, that she was a force with which to be reckoned, and if she decided to do something, it would happen. He did not lie.

When I first spoke with Clydine about taking Wild Pink Yonder to Arrowwood, she wasn’t even at home.  She was in New Brunswick, and said, “Sure. This sounds like fun! Let’s do it.” And she did.

Virtually singlehandedly, Clydine whipped Arrowwood into shape for our event.

Before we got there, she’d had an old building painted pink. Citizens have their loved ones lost to cancer memorialized on “The Memory Wall”. It was beautiful … and touching.

Our day started with a parade down main street. Little kiddies were invited to decorate their bikes in pink and join the parade. (There were decorating prizes to be won at the end.) It was pretty durn cute! And the local RCMP jumped into the parade as well.

The parade was followed by “Uptown Beans and Franks”, which was followed by a live performance by a young and upcoming singing star. Unfortunately, our riders were out on their daily ride, so I was the only one who got to hear her.

Then it was the “Downtown Burger Barbecue” for dinner and a live auction. Lots of items were to be had. Amongst other things, I won a pair of flip flops that light up when you walk. I got them for “Cookie” because of all the fancy footwork she’s done to keep us fed and watered. I came away with a camping stove complete with an oven. Not sure why I need it as I have burners, a convection oven and microwave in the motorhome. Before the auction, I’d said that if someone were going to “steal” that oven, it would be me because I intended to run the price up. Nobody was bidding against me! ACK! And then it happened, my best friend in the entire world (a woman who came all the way over from Victoria BC to see me) started bidding against me. Between us, we drove the price up! Afterwards she said to me, “It’s a good thing you kept going because I didn’t have the money to cover that! I was just trying to make people realize what a great deal this was.” As the old saying goes, “There are no friends at an auction”. *grin*

We were set up at their local ag grounds on the edge of town. (I wish I had the picture that was taken of the sign they did to welcome us. It was classic.) They left us a fire ring and a whole whack of fire wood, but the day and the evening took their toll and our riders were early to bed.

Next stop: River’s Edge Camp near Water Valley


2 thoughts on “DATELINE: Aug 19 – Arrowwood

  1. Hi Jane. Given the weather tomorrow I will skip the ride but may I still join you later in olds? Laurie

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