DATELINE: Aug 22 – Drumheller

Ye gods and little fishes! What a day we had in Drumheller!

The day started out beautifully. The ride on Hoodoos Trail (a little east of Drum on Highway #10) started in sunshine with a slight breeze and temperatures in the low 20’s. It was perfect riding weather (as opposed to the +35 or more that it could have been) – but the operative word here is “started”. In the beginning they were having a great time – right up until about 2:00! Then, all hell broke loose! They were out there in buckets of rain, sleet and hail … with 60km winds that gusted to 80km! Fortunately, they all made it back in one piece.

From there we went for a photo op at the Atlas Coal Mine Museum in East Coulee. It’s weird weather they get down there. When we stopped for the photo shoot (in front of the last wooden tipple in all of Canada), the weather was just fine … and just when we finished up, off it went again!

Man, that was a lot of water in a very short time! But we survived.

Onward and upward to the Drumheller Ag Society, which is also the Drumheller off-track racing oval, which is also the Drumheller Motocross track. And next door (at the maximum security penitentiary) they have a sign pointing down their lane for Drumheller Ag Society! Our entrance to the correct facility was the next lane over – handily marked with a sign stating “Heavy truck entrance” and nothing else! *eyes rolling*

But eventually we found it and all was well. Well, sort of. The winds were so fierce that everybody (with the exception of Amanda and Julia) opted to leave their horses in the trailers for the night. Honestly, it was 70 and 80 km winds with lots of rain all night long. We were supposed to be down in the centre of their racing oval, but we all figured that if we went down, we’d never get up again! The round bale of hay they kindly left down there for us didn’t get used until the next morning when we walked down and brought hay back up to the horses.

But dinner was a lovely affair. We had steak with all the trimmings, compliments of Mike at Yavis Restaurant and cooked by David Carter and his crew. Breakfast (also compliments of Yavis) was in the same building.

Thank you, Drumheller. It was great … if somewhat soggy!

Next stop: Olds


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