DATELINE: Aug 23 – Olds

Hmmm … that rain and wind we got in Drumheller held through until this day and encompassed much of the province, including Olds. We got word from our friend, Darrell Glover, that his place (where we were going to go ride for a few hours) was under water. He suggested we go to Plan B. Um … Plan B?

And so … plan B was hatched. Let’s take the day off and do our laundry!  Yay! Everybody thought that was a great idea.

We headed to Olds to drop the horses at the Olds Exhibition. What a class operation that is! Our horses were housed in the snug “Mega Dome”. Individual box stalls. Beautiful, green square bales of hay. No wind! Off everybody ran to do laundry.

We were supposed to have a great party in the park: entertainment in the afternoon, a barbecue at 6:00 and a dance in the park afterwards. The incredibly rotten weather put the kibosh on that! But Olds Exhibition is nothing if not efficient and organized, so the whole thing got moved inside into their “Cow Palace”.

We had CFCW on hand. We had the wildest fashion show you’ve ever seen. We had dinner ready for hundreds. We had a lovely performance by a young and coming singer. The only thing we didn’t have was a crowd to enjoy it.

Due to the weather, Olds was a very, very quiet town. It seems there were three different events on that night, and all three were quiet. Sure can’t fault Olds Exhibition for that. They tried. We tried. It just wasn’t destined to work out. C’est la vie. (But Olds Ex still cut a cheque to Wild Pink Yonder for $1,000, so we were very thankful.)

After dinner, still shell-shocked from their ordeal in Drumheller, all our riders were happy to have a nightcap sitting in the Mega Dome with the smell of our horses’ breath and that of fragrant green hay. It wasn’t long before everybody drifted off to their beds.

In the morning, true to their word, Olds Exhibition put on a lovely pancake and sausage spread for the riders. We couldn’t stay long though as our next stop was Alix and they wanted us there for an 11:00 parade through town.

Zoom! We’re Gonzo Alonzo

Next stop: Alix


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